Updated January 2014

To our valued customers,

Penton publications now offer a new way to submit print ad files and find mechanical specifications an ad portal called SendMyAd at https://penton.sendmyad.com. Please note that SendMyAd replaces this site, www.pentondigitalads.com.

Please sign up for an account. We encourage you to adopt SendMyAd as soon as your next material submission.

Using the SendMyAd portal, you can:

Find mechanical specifications
Download InDesign templates
View material due dates
Upload, preflight and approve your ads in a single process
Discover issues that can affect print quality and learn how to fix them
Check and reposition your ad
Revise and re-upload the ad one time
Approve and sign off on the ad when the ad is ready to print as intended
Receive confirmation that your ad has been received

This demo shows how to upload, reposition and approve an ad. For further assistance, please email or call your Penton print production contact.

Thank you for submitting your ads via https://penton.sendmyad.com.